10 Km

I desire to participate in the 6th Rum International Marathon in Jordan which is organized by Unlimited Distances. I acknowledge that i am aware of the inherent risks associated with participating in an athletic event of this type, I there by: * Release any and all rights and claims I have against the organizers, all other organizations related to the event and volunteers, within (but not Limited), from liabilities or cause of action of any nature, including those arising from negligence on the part of any aforementioned Persons or entities. * I am aware of full responsibility for all risks of running along desert including any and all injuries to me or my properties, or any damages caused by me or anyone else (including natural incidents) while participating in this event. * I assume and will pay any and all medical and emergency expenses in the case of an accident and/or illness regardless of whether I have authorized these payments. * I grant full permission to the organizers to use any photographs, videotapes or any other records of this event for advertising and promotional purposes.  * I hereby certify that I am in a good health and that I have trained to run the distance of the race I have signed up for. - I understand that I will be disqualified from the run if caught cheating. I also certify that I have read and understood all the rules of this event. ..

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