About Us

We are pleased to introduce our Foundation Unlimited Distances, a foundation specialized in organizing sports competitions and long distances running training. Was founded in 2013 by the Jordanian runner Mohammad Al-Swaiti.

Our Goals:

- Processing and organized events and sports competitions.

- Training to jog and walk with the aim of rehabilitation for participating in Marathon and long distances.

- Training and qualification on bicycles for long distances competitions.

Our Aims

- is to increase awareness of the benefits and the importance of sport in improving the lifestyle

- is to reach to a higher national and international standard to please both our supporters & participants 

Biography of Mohammad Al - Swaiti and his sports career

He is a retired lieutenant from Directorate of general security, and a champion for it for several years, both locally and globally. He was the team coach in Directorate of General  Security and  a member in the national team and long-distance trainer.

Important Achievements of Mohammad Al Swaiti

Badwater Race in the Valley of Death / America 2017 non-stop race for 217 km.

Marathon de Sable Morocco, 250 km in which he participated for 13 years

India Ultra Marathon, 195 km second place, he participated for 4 years.

Petra Marathon - Jordan, 42 km in which he achieved 1st and 2nd places, he participated for 4 years.

Austria Ultra Marathon, 72 km achieved the second place,he participated for 12 years

In addition to local and Arab participations during 30 years

he also holds a second degree certificate in courses for athletics training

He has cycling training courses

And sports medicine courses


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