About Us

We are pleased to present our company Distances Unlimited, a non-profit company founded in 2013 by the Jordanian runner Mohammad Al Swaiti.


Our Goals:

- Processing and organized events and sports competitions.

- Training to jog and walk with the aim of rehabilitation for participating in Marathon and long distances.

- Training and qualification on bicycles for long distances competitions.


Our Aims

- is to increase awareness of the benefits and the importance of sport in improving the lifestyle

- is to reach to a higher national and international standard to please both our supporters & participants buy cialis online uk

Mohammad Al Swaiti has been adopted and supported by Aramex in the different activities and at various local and international competitions because of their unique talent and Aramex`s belief in the importance or encouraging and develop athletic potential to properly represent Jordan across the globe.


The most important of these successes:

- Marathon Des Sables 2012, 250km.

- India Marathon 2012, 195km Mohammad Swaiti 2nd place.

- Petra Marathon 2011, 42km Mohammad Swaiti 2nd place.

- Ultra Marathon Austria 2011, 72km Mohammad Swaiti 6th place.

- Pharaohs International Marathon - Egypt 2010 100km, Mohammad Swaiti 2nd place.